Westminster Boating Base

Westminster Boating Base is a children’s charity located on the north bank of the Thames in Pimlico. The Base is situated in a small park and has two main areas each with its own balcony overlooking the Thames. These balconies are linked by a gantry, which crosses an atrium that forms the central reception area on the first floor level.

The building is spacious and light and has one of the largest accessible pontoons on the northern stretch of the Thames.

Although the Base has been host to several thousand events in the last fifteen years, it is still London’s best kept secret as far as party venues are concerned. If you are looking for an unusual venue with fantastic views for summer events, weddings or Christmas parties, you have found the perfect location. We are also a popular venue for seminars and conferences.

Maximum Venue CapacityReceptionDinnerDinner
& Dance
Edgson Room & Balcony150100
Pavilion Room & Balcony300150100
Edgson Room100
Pavilion Room100

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