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The kids are back at school, the house seems quiet and the weather is getting colder. September is the month that brings us in the Northern hemisphere the season of autumn. Autumn, a season of change - a change in temperature, a change in the colours we see, and of course a change in the food we eat. While watching the leaves fall on our previous picnic spots, and change from green to the hues of brown and orange, we can keep ourselves warm with the hearty food we create. A flavoursome mushroom risotto using farmed or wild mushrooms, or a home cooked warm crispy loaf of bread to share amongst friends - all of these and more to keep the warmth in our homes.

With September bringing about our busiest month so far this year, the cold doesn’t seem to be deterring people from still enjoying London life (great news for us)! With events such as London Fashion Week underway, the streets are abuzz with celebs, paparazzi, and fashionistas alike.

September is also the month of new television series and cooking programmes still feature heavily in the new schedules. I hear our beloved Delia is going to be showing people how to feed a family on the cheap, which I presume means lots of chicken! If it helps the viewer to learn simple quick meals which taste great and don’t cost the earth to produce then it will be a show worth watching. I hope that, with all this talk of even the well-off forgoing more the expensive stores, the progress being made about educating the general public of the importance of buying good nutritious food and the health benefits of chickens which see the light of day is not forgotten.

Christmas Parties

It’s a scary thought, but it is that time of year again! Walk into your local grocery shop and the shelves are already decked with mince pies and the Christmas specials are already starting. Saying all of this, we at Mackintosh’s are following in these footsteps and reminding all of you how fun this time of year can be - full of parties, with champagne and cocktails flowing and of course delicious food.

Christmas is a time of giving and showing the staff your appreciation of their hard work and efforts throughout the year. It is the one time of year where everyone can join, come together and celebrate another good year past and another one ahead. So let us be the ones to help you put this together and create an unforgettable experience.

If you are thinking about a Christmas party with your friends at home, but can’t face trying to juggle your time between the office and organising the evening then let us take the strain so you can really enjoy the night.

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Westminster Abbey

There are few places more recognisable in London than Westminster Abbey. An architectural masterpiece, it represents a unique pageant of British History as it is the place of the coronation, marriage and burial of British monarchs since 1066.

With this year’s Leader of the Westminster Council’s summer reception being held in this historic location, Mackintosh’s were honoured to be invited to cater for some of London’s most prominent constituents.

On what turned out to be one of the most idyllic evenings of the summer with not a breath of wind nor a cloud in the sky, guests were served with cool and refreshing non-alcoholic apple and ginger mojitos, and some of the finest fare that Mackintosh’s has to offer. Soy glazed tuna with wasabi mayonnaise, mizuna, pickled ginger on a wonton and watermelon boxes with crab, ginger & radish salad to name but a few.

With St Catherine’s Chapel Garden and the College Garden situated in the grounds overlooking the Houses of Parliament and both available to hire for summer evening receptions in June and July, there can be no better location in the country to hold a canapé party.

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Food Presentation: Tips for Your Next Dinner Party

You have decided to invite some friends round for dinner and really want to make an impression, so you have had a good look in the recipe books and come up with a wonderful meal. A few extra touches in presentation will make it sensational.

The really great restaurants spend a lot of time on presentation because quality is not only in the taste but in the eye. Bringing this professional flair to your own cooking is easy and fun.

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Those of you lucky enough to have been reading our newsletter since its launch may remember that in February’s edition we mentioned Mulberry’s exciting new venture into the world of footwear. As promised the launch date arrived in September and once again we at Mackintosh’s were lucky enough to be present for a catwalk demonstration in the Brompton Road branch of the store.

The show was put on in association with Vogue fashion magazine and was extremely well attended by women keen to see what Mulberry has to offer. There was also a prize draw which saw one lucky guest going home with one of Mulberry’s exclusive bags. Mackintosh’s provided the food and drinks for the event and was delighted to indulge the guests with cocktails, canapés and service of the highest order.

It’s a busy time for Mulberry with London Fashion Week here and we wish them all the best for this week and for the rest of the year.

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