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The hallowed sound of leather on willow has begun to echo throughout the countryside, shares in Ambre Solaire are rocketing skywards, and bank holidays are appearing so quickly that it seems like every other vehicle on the road is a caravan. Yes, that means May is here and, in the words of Edwin Way Teale “all things seem possible in May”. En masse, folk are migrating to their gardens and furiously digging in the earth in an attempt to get their broad beans and carrots planted before the inevitable weather change and all returns to normal, overcast mediocrity.

In the world of catering a change of weather or season is always an exciting time, with ingredients and produce that has been absent from the kitchen reappearing and offering the chance for fresh ideas and tasty new menus. Although nowadays it is possible to obtain any vegetable or fruit from around the world at any given moment, at Mackintosh’s we are keen on sourcing all of our produce as locally as possible and we are extremely excited by the prospect of providing you with a tasty summer treat or two!

Getty Images Gallery

Located just a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus, Getty Images Gallery was founded in 1996 and is London’s largest independent photographic gallery. It showcases up to 11 fantastic photographic exhibitions each year which provides excellent atmosphere to any function. Getty Images Gallery is just under 3000 Sq feet in size and is available to hire for functions ranging from a cocktail party to an elegant dinner for a few select friends.

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Party tips

There are many of you out there who, like us, love to entertain and throw a bit of a party. Although having all your friends round for a few drinks and a bite to eat is always great fun it would be an untruth to suggest that it is ever a stress-free pastime!

With this in mind, we here at Mackintosh’s thought we would try and help out a little by producing a list of ten top tips to make your life as a host that bit easier when you next invite a few people round.

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Mount Street Printers

Now that we have given a few precious nuggets of information regarding hosting your own special evening, all that remains is getting a few friends round to sample the delights of your hospitality. Although many nowadays seem to favour a quick text, email or even set up a group on social networking sites such as Facebook to entice their friends round, we at Mackintosh’s prefer the old fashioned method of a good handwritten invitation.

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Special offer

Mount Street printers – are offering Mackintosh clients a very special gift when they place an order.

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