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The past two months have proven to be very busy for Mackintosh’s catering in London for canapé, drink and dinner parties. And with summer now here, the barbecue garden parties are in full swing. Mackintosh’s has produced over 14,000 canapés in venues such as the Getty Images Gallery, the Worx, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace. If you are planning a summer party then please have a look at the Worx, which is being featured as Mackintosh’s venue of the month. The Mackintosh events team will be very pleased to discuss with you some ideas that will be perfect for a corporate function or a private celebration. Whether it’s a sit down lunch or dinner or a canapé party, Mackintosh’s will make sure your guests are well looked after.

Recent Highlights
The V&A

Mackintosh’s was proud to be asked to cater for the opening of 1:1 architects build small spaces exhibition. As with all museums access is only allowed after it is closed to the public, which left only 45 minutes to prepare before guests arrived. Despite this limited time, the Mackintosh team were fully briefed, vans unloaded, kitchens installed and cloakroom and bars set up for the arrival of 500 guests to be welcomed with trays of Bombay Sapphire Gin cocktails. Mackintosh’s chefs prepared over 4000 canapés such as honey

glazed duck on crispy polenta with tomato chutney and roasted pine nuts. The V&A invited nineteen architects to use the landscape of the museum as a test site and submit proposals for structures that examine concepts of refuge and retreat. Out of the nineteen submissions, seven were selected for construction at full scale.

Opera Gallery

Works of both Marco Lodola and Zoobs

The event was to support the life-saving work of Cancer Research UK and the money raised will help Cancer Research UK continue to make a real difference in the lives of people with cancer.


Opera Gallery hosted an exciting exhibition of British Photographer Zoobs and pop art of Italian artist Marco Lodola on the 16th June 2010 in the London Branch of the Gallery. There are recurring themes of cars, girls and colours in works of both artists. We served drinks to approximately 300 guests including Patrick Kielty, Sophie Anderton, Melissa Odabash, Ksenia Zaitseva and Meredith Ostrom. Champagne glasses were never left unfilled!


Zoobs quotes: 'My images are neither illustrations nor photographs. They stand somewhere in between the two in their full technicolour or monochromatic glory and magazine-like glossiness, often verging on the unreal or fantasy'. Zoobs has just signed a contract for creating next album covers for Lionel Richie and Shakira.


Zoobs at the opening

What's Hot?

Image by Mark Nicholson


Tasting Plates are the new bowl food of 2010, inspired by Spain and its culinary tradition of tapas. We are now offering small mixed tasting plates for our clients. Each plate has 3 different items such as the barbeque dishes we prepared for our promo event or for something a bit more up market, our seafood taster consists of a shallot marinated rock oyster, chilli tiger prawn and skewered bonito cheviche of scallop.

Promo Event


Imagine entering the Worx at the East reception, to be welcomed with lemon and pomegranate martinis served in ice glasses and then being able to choose from a pyramid stacked with a selection of cold alfresco salads and soups. Well, this is what happened on the 8th of June for 200 of our top clients and suppliers at our first ever Promo Event. Over 600 lemon and pomegranate martinis were enjoyed throughout the night. As they stepped out onto the courtyard, 300 tasting plates of sirloin steak and chips were served straight from the barbeque, alongside mini beef burgers, yucutan chicken and marinated paneer.


Next to the barbeque, we had a Wok station serving chili, lime and soy vegetables stir fried with noodles served in mini Chinese take away containers with chopsticks.

Nearby, 200 soft shell crab sushi rolls were rolled by our very own Japanese chefs and for those brave enough to try, we had a sushi rolling demonstration, where you could jump behind and learn ‘how to’ with our chef.

To add an elegant touch, we had an ice bar topped with 300 Colchester Rock Oysters and 400 Atlantic prawns.


For the first time, Mackintosh’s brought the kitchens to the front to show the guests what really goes on ‘behind the scenes’ – interactive catering! We will be sending out an e-flyer within the next couple of weeks to thank all our suppliers with some images from that event. For those of you that were unable to make it, you will see what you missed!

All images by Mark Nicholson

Did you know that carrots were originally purple or red...

Carrots are full of vitamins and very good for you. The first carrots were grown for medicinal purposes. Over the past year, in the shops different varieties of carrots have been readily available. Orange carrots are the most well known but they are also commonly available in white, yellow, red and maroon. In English shops, maroon coloured carrots are making a big comeback.

Carrots were originally purple or red, with a thin root and the orange carrot dates from the seventeenth century in the Netherlands. Dutch growers developed the orange variety of the carrot by using a method of selective breeding to make it less bitter than the yellow varieties.

And did you know that aubergines are classified as a berry....

Aubergines (eggplant to Americans) are used in many types of cuisines around the world. They were once believed to be poisonous, alongside tomatoes, potatoes and chilli peppers.

The aubergine is classified as a berry as it contains seeds and so technically is part of the fruit family and not the vegetable family, just like a tomato.

Aubergines contain the most nicotine, in terms of foods but to have the same effect as a cigarette, you'd have to eat 20lbs at one time. Globally, more than 4 million acres are used to cultivate aubergines.

Venue Of The Month
The Worx

A stylish and distinctively contemporary venue offering eight versatile modern studios with large floor areas, high ceilings and excellent transport links for quick access to the West End, City and Heathrow, makes The Worx perfect for a relaxed evening get-together or the most formal of events. Occupying half an acre in Parson’s green, the minimalist style makes the venue exceptional for creating and designing it to the way in which you want, making the end result exceed even the highest of expectations. The Worx is available for daytime, evening or weekend events, accommodating up to 1000 people.

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