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One can almost smell the fragrance of newly cut grass with the recent gorgeous warm days as we anticipate the arrival of Spring on 29th March. We all may grumble about British weather but when the sun shines and the temperate is just right for having a gentle stroll in the countryside or in one of the many wonderful parks that inhabit our towns and cities, no where can better this country. All of us at Mackintosh’s are looking forward to some stunning spring and summer cocktail parties both in and out side London. If you are searching for a venue please take a look at Mackintosh's "venue of the month" and the special offer if you book by 1st August 2009.

February and March has been extremely busy at Mackintosh's including a fabulous event in Kensington at the V&A Museum to celebrate the opening of their much anticipated Theatre and Performance Galleries. Museums have been a theme for Mackintosh's for March as we also won the tender and catered the opening of the new Egyptian exhibition at the Brent Museum. Our many private clients however have not been left behind, and have asked us to plan parties to celebrate birthdays and christenings as well as be their wedding caterers. Let us hope that 2009 will be known for its warm dry summer so that those drinks and canapé parties can be held without our guests sheltering in the marquee.

As we are sure you all know Mother's day is on Sunday 22nd of March, so why not take a look at our special offer below to see how you can treat her to something really special this year. Another wonderful surprise would be to look at our recipe of the month and let your mother put her feet up while you cook this delicious meal, for a perfect family Sunday.

Although Julius Caesar may not have enjoyed this month, since his untimely death on the Ides of March, the Irish certainly do, so from all the team at Mackintosh's we hope you all had a Happy St Patrick's Day.

Some Recent Highlights
The V&A- Theatre and Performance Galleries

Mackintosh's was asked to cater the event for the prestigious opening of the theatre and performance galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This renowned venue with its numerous galleries is the home for an abundance of treasures which work perfectly as a backdrop to any event. On the night 500 guests arrived to hear Sir Peter Hall officially open the Theatre and Performance Galleries. The array of theatre memorabilia was extremely well received and the party was a great success.

Mackintosh's team rose to the challenge of building to order 4, 500 canapés which the guests enjoyed in the two hour reception.

This was our fabulous menu

Moroccan roasted duck and saffron pear encased in filo

Pork and leek chipolatas with vanilla mash dip

Miniature fennel crusted salmon kebabs with sour cream and chive

Vodka & beetroot cured salmon gravelax on dill blinis with sharp crème fraiche and red chard cress

Mexican tequila marinated king prawns on fried tortilla chips with Cajun cream, chilli & coriander

Parmesan shortbread with mozzarella, basil panna cotta and shrunken cherry tomato. Pesto and basil cress garnish

Balsamic glazed figs and dolcelatté on raisin croutes with plum cress

Butternut squash torte, brioche croute, chilli crème fraiche, sweet potato crisp and fresh coriander

Read on to see what some of the famous guests thought of the exhibition.

The Divine Cat at the Brent Museum

Mackintosh's was extremely honoured to win the tender to cater, despite fierce competition, for the Brent Museum's Egyptian exhibition of the Gayer-Anderson Cat from the British Museum. This loan is the first of a pilot scheme that the London Museums Hub hopes to repeat with the goal to establish a network of small museums of taking high quality loans from national and Hub museums. More widely known as the "Divine cat", this bronze statue dates back to 600 BC making it over 2,400 years old. The Mayor officiated at the opening and in order to keep with the theme of the Cat's Egyptian origins Mackintosh's chefs created an exciting menu of Middle Eastern Canapés.

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Did you know
Some interesting fact about Mother’s day...

Mother's day it is said dates all the way back to the times of the Ancient Greeks where in spring they held celebrations in honour of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. The Romans called their version of the event the Hilaria, and celebrated on the Ides of March by making offerings in the temple of Cybele, the Mother of the Gods.

In England the first records of the day are recorded in the 16th Century when members of the working classes were often given the weekend off in the middle part of lent to visit their families. By the 17th century, it had become a public holiday and was associated with the bringing of gifts home to mothers, especially flowers or a fruitcake called a Simnel cake. Click here to for the recipe.

The name simnel is derived from the old French word simenel via the Latin term used to describe the finest flour for baking cakes, simila.

This rich fruit cake was said to test the girl's skills as a cook. If it remained moist and maintained its taste until Easter Sunday, she was seen as a good cook.

Venue Of The Month - Christie's

Christie's is the world's leading art business, a name and place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service and international glamour. Christie's has state of the art rooms in two prestigious London locations which offer exceptional possibilities for entertaining.

Christie's King Street covers 12,000 sq ft and offers a variety of impressive event spaces in the heart of St. James's, Piccadilly. The venue can accommodate a range of events from intimate dinners for 10 to drinks receptions for 600.

At the centre of London's museum district, Christie's South Kensington offers a series of versatile, modern spaces with an ever-changing programme of sales which can serve as a unique backdrop to your event. The flexibility of the venue allows for a range of events from intimate drinks receptions and dinners to parties for up to 1000 guests.

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