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You know that the Christmas festive season is over with the arrival of Easter eggs in the shops. The grip of winter is still in the air so our culinary thoughts still must remain with stews and hearty foods that keeps out the cold. Reflecting on what is seasonal in the shops this month, Mackintosh’s Catering has put together some recipes that can be prepared in advance and then simply reheated the next day.

2008 proved to be a very successful for Mackintosh’s, finishing the year with an exceptional December catering a wonderful winter wonderland wedding for a young couple in Surrey. January has proved to be very busy for Mackintosh’s with its London catering work and the opening night party for Oliver for 1100 guests. Despite the anxiety that many people have for 2009, everyone at Mackintosh’s is striving to make it a great year. If you are thinking of catching up with the friends that you missed over Christmas and the New Year please consider Mackintosh’s to help you to organise a party. Whether it is a large or small dinner or cocktail party, Mackintosh’s will come up with some fantastic ideas for entertaining your guests and do it without breaking the bank.

Everyone at Mackintosh’s would like to thank its customers for all their business in 2008 and would like to wish them a very prosperous 2009.

Having a great event on budget

We at Mackintosh’s understand that our clients are facing reduced budgets for their events. We want to help in anyway we can, without comprising on service or quality. We are therefore reducing our prices by 15% on all staff and equipment.

Contact us for a competitive proposal.

Oliver Opening Night Party

“Cameron was ecstatically happy with the party, and in fact said it is one of the best we have ever done! We have received a constant stream of praise into the office from very delighted guests as well” Sue Uings – Cameron Mackintosh Ltd.

The opening night of Sir Cameron Mackintosh's new production of Oliver was held at The Waldorf Hotel just 200 meters walk from The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Once the curtain came down at the end of the musical the entire theatre - 1100 cast, crew and audience descended on mass onto the hotel where over 100 waiting staff were ready to help them party.

12 food stalls, were designed by Mackintosh's Caterers creative team to utilise numerous theatre props to craft scenes from Fagin's Den to the bustling London market. Guests enjoyed a variety of food consisting of:

Bumbles Carvery, where Chefs were on show carving salt beef and honey roasted ham

The Three Criples Pie Stall were serving beef and ale pies, fish pies and root vegetable pies

Dodger's Bangers and Mash Stall were serving free range Lincolnshire and Cumberland sausages along with saveloys, creamed mashed potatoes, pease pudding and onion gravy

Mr Brownlow's Oyster Bar proved popular, with our local fish mongers serving freshly shucked oysters with a shallot and red wine vinegar dressing.

The desserts consisted of mountains of Cold Jelly and Custard, Treacle Tarts, Spotted Dick as well as a build your own Trifle, which went down a treat with the ravenous guests. As well as eating the guests danced until the early hours refreshing themselves at the well stocked bars and even venturing into the Gin Bar for hot gin toddies and gin fiz.

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Bowl Food Party – complimentary perspex display pyramid

Let your next party be a hit with bowl food, our chef creatively displays mini mains courses on small bowls and plates for your guests to devour without the formality and cost of a formal dinner. These can either be passed to your guests on trays by our friendly waiters or on our specially designed Perspex pyramid. To save you money on waiting staff, why not have your bowl food on the pyramid, which Mackintosh’s is offering free of charge for a limited time only. Normally the cost to hire would be £200 each.

Bowl Food Menu

A few examples

Herb crusted tuna loin
with nicoise vegetables, soft boiled quail eggs
and salsa verde

Chilled sweet pea & truffle ravioli
with chardonnay vinegar marinated cherry tomato
and tomato foam

Tian of roasted mediterranean vegetables, parsley & hazelnut pesto, parmesan foam & pink peppercorn dust

Fennel crusted salmon spiked
with rosemary, saffron scented fennel marmalade
and sweet lemon jelly

Carpaccio with pickled garlic, rocket cress,
parmesan oil, sautéed girolles and smokey froth


Mini lemon meringue pie

Chilli chocolate pots

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Burns night – 25th January

To celebrate the famous Scottish bard, Harvey Nichols of Knightsbridge is offering a five course tasting menu including a hot toddy after work.

It’s not just haggis, neeps and tatties – delicious though they are! From fabulous lobsters, crabs and prawns to wild venison, sublime cheeses and Aberdeen Angus beef, Scotland is becoming recognized as a leading producer of high quality food. So why not host your own dinner party and bring a taste of Scotland to your table?

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Did you know:

Venison: How does it compare nutritionally to beef and pork?


Like all meat, venison is a good source of protein. It's also a good source of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6 and B-12, iron, zinc and copper. Venison is higher in vitamin B-12 and iron than pork and beef.

Game meat generally has less fat than other meat from domesticated animals, such as beef and pork. This is because game animals are typically more active than domesticated animals.

(3 ounces lean)
Deer1282 g1 g67 mg
Elk1342 g1 g62 mg
Moose1141 g1 g66 mg
Beef tenderloin1859 g4 g71 mg
Pork tenderloin1595 g2 g80 mg

Our butcher says beef is roughly £8 per kilo and venison £10. Not that much more considering the health benefits and the taste.

Venue Of The Month - Chelsea Physic Garden

Located not far from the bustle of the famous shopping street of Kings Road, Chelsea Physic Garden is London’s oldest botanic garden, a beautiful four-acre piece of living history. Founded in 1673 to train apothecaries in the healing arts, the Garden provides the perfect backdrop for any event. Over the centuries the Garden has become a showcase for plants brought back by great plant hunters like Sir Joseph Banks and Robert Fortune, making its beds a living history.

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Book any event @ Chelsea Physic Garden by May 2009 with Mackintosh’s and you will receive £500 off the venue hire charge. Find out more....

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