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The last vestiges of winter have now disappeared, to be replaced by what is looking to be a promising Spring. Despite global warming the seasons seem to be arriving at the proper time. The arrival of Spring comes at a time when not all the news is bad, with house prices actually going up, the G20 in London seemingly agreeing on something, England still unbeaten in the world cup qualifiers and even Jenson Button winning two Grand Prix! Roll on July when Andy Murray wins Wimbledon and England the Ashes!

If inclined now is the time to water the garden or even follow President Obama's example and start a small kitchen garden. It could be as small as a window box full of fresh herbs or some lovely cherry tomatoes or a small part of a flowerbed. Growing your own vegetables is not only fashionable and very satisfying but is also very good exercise. Try looking on the Internet or get a gardening book for ideas about what to grow. If you are looking for something a little special try Florence Fennel. It's delicious in salads or poached and served with fish.

March proved very busy for Mackintosh's Catering. A wonderful 50th birthday party in Wiltshire and a very special dinner party for 10 in Chiswick, West London, were some of the very prestigious events that it catered. Mackintosh's is looking forward to catering a number of spring and summer parties and cocktail receptions across London.

Mackintosh's head chef, Matthew Kennard, has recently returned from Japan, and has brought back some exciting new ideas, which will soon be added to Mackintosh's canapé and dinner menus. Please read Matt's description of his trip and some of the exciting moments in the fish market. This month's recipe of the month has been based on Matt's trip, so please have a look.

Matt's trip to Japan

Photos courtesy of Emma Bowen

There's not much that will wake you up quicker than a visit to Tokyo's famous Tsukiji fish market. Arriving at 5.30 am, bleary eyed and sake damaged, warm can of sugary coffee in hand, to witness the tuna auction take pace, you're very much taking your life into your own hands as you dodge the carts that, seemingly carelessly, dart around the thin isles running between the endless rows of fish stalls. The driver's happy to slap the heads of any foreigner ignorant enough to be standing in the way. The excitement's already taking the edge off and the sight of the auction room buzzing with commotion and wall to wall fresh and frozen whole tuna makes you come to your senses doubly quick.

The stalls themselves seem calm as they await the arrival from the auction. The huge wooden boards covering the chest refrigeration will soon be covered with sides of tuna to be portioned and sold to the thousands of sashimi restaurants scattered throughout Tokyo, before then though things have started to heat up as gradually the hand pulled carts start to arrive with the new catch from the auction room. Groups of men start pulling the fish around by large hooks and onto the wooden boards they use to transfer them onto the chopping bocks and the more elderly, wordy looking gentleman (and there always is one) sets about expertly removing the filets from the fish, using at first what can only be described as a serrated samurai sword, to break the tough skin, once through a smooth bade is used to work through the flesh, following the bone, with next to no flesh left on the carcase. The fish is rolled back onto the wooden board and slid back onto the chopping board to work on the next portion.

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Some Recent Highlights
50 and fabulous

Mackintosh's organised a fabulous 50th birthday dinner party in our client's private Wiltshire home. The outside grounds were up lit to bring out the beautiful trees and stream which made for some great views for dinner out of the conservatory windows. The tables were elegantly styled to the violet, black and silver theme with spring flowers picked from her garden to complement the setting.

The guests were treated to a fabulous Atlantic prawn cocktail followed by succulent ginger studded fillet of beef, and a mouth watering peach tarte tatin. The guests were stunned when a 'waitress' burst in, followed by a 'manager' and a 'chef' who began singing in perfect harmony and then delighted them with opera and popular favourites. This surprise entertainment was provided by the tenors and divas from the singing company Incognito. With the first half of the entertainment over the guests headed straight for the dance floor and enjoyed the rest of the evening with cocktails & dancing.

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Elegant Dinner for 10

Mackintosh's was asked to create an elegant dinner for 10 at a riverside house in Chiswick. Our head chef created a beautiful 5 course dinner with Australian wines to complement each course.

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A Taste of Provence

The luxury hotel and restaurant association, Relais & Chateaux located on Beauchamp Place, asked Mackintosh's to cater for its South of France themed event for its Provencal, French Riviera and Corsican delegation. As a special attraction two Michelin star chefs, Chef Jean-André Charial from Oustau de Baumanière and Chef Serge Gouloumes, from Les Mas Candille were invited to demonstrate a special dish from their hotel in front of the guests. As can be imagined everyone was soon queuing to watch and taste their culinary expertise. Mackintosh's was very proud to be working alongside these well-known and extremely talented chefs and look forward to working with Relais & Chateaux in the near future.

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Did You Know the History of the Michelin Star?
  • André Michelin published the first edition of a guide to France to help drivers maintain their cars, find decent lodging, and eat well while touring.
  • The guide was distributed free from 1900 until 1920. However after a pile of guides was found propping up a workbench in a garage, they saw a free guide would not be taken seriously so they introduce a charge.
  • The guide introduced the star in 1926 to note good cooking; two and three stars were added in the early 1930s.
  • The cover of the guide was originally blue, but since 1931 has been red.
  • The Michelin Guide is a series of annual guide books published by Michelin for over a dozen countries. The term refers by default to the Michelin Red Guide, which awards the Michelin stars.
  • Michelin also publishes Green Guides for travel and tourism, as well as several newer publications.


Venue Of The Month - Bankside Gallery

Bankside Gallery is an ideal venue for private and corporate parties. The Gallery is situated on the south bank of the Thames next to Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge.

The Gallery is the home of the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Exhibitions featuring contemporary watercolours and prints provide an elegant and sophisticated backdrop to any event. It is a unique and distinctive setting in a friendly and stylish atmosphere.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a book launch, a wine tasting evening, or a corporate hospitality event, our helpful and experienced staff can assist with every stage of your plans.

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Special offer

Book an event at The Bankside Gallery with Mackintosh's Caterers before the 30th June 2009 and we will give you six bottles of Champagne. Find out more....

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